Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

From time to time, I come across a useful computer trick. Last week, I was trying to print a document using Ctrl + P but I was greeted by a display mode switcher. It turns out that I wasn’t thinking and hit Windows Key + P instead. I’ve tested this out on a few computers, and it seems to be Windows 7 only. I’m not sure if they had it in Vista, but I know for sure that it doesn’t work in Windows XP.

Why is this useful?

When you have an external monitor or projector hooked up to your laptop, this helps you control which device is being used for display. Most computers have some sort of keyboard shortcut (mine is Fn+F8), but that key combination usually just cycles between the modes.

Using Windows Key + P gives you much more feedback.

Here are the options:

    • Computer Only
    • Duplicate

— Creates the same image on your laptop and the external device

    • Extend

— Makes your desktop bigger. Each display can have its own stuff going on.

  • Projector Only

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