Computer Repair over the Holidays

Computer Repair over the Holidays

Here’s a nice not we received from a very satisfied customer.  Nick truly deserves this high level of praise:

… when it was needed most, my computer died, strangled by a virulent virus which squeezed it’s innards so violently it erased not only all my games and pictures but also records and paperwork without which I was pretty much stuck up the proverbial creek without an oar.


I went ballistic for a day or two before awakening to the reality of my distressing situation; over four years of irreplaceable paperwork was down the drain, along with my big plans to finally begin writing again,


All of MY *”hometown techies” here in Illinois…. were unavailable.


Then I remembered NICK, Home Town Techie in Ames, IA who had hailed from around here years ago and had helped me set up my very first PC.   As luck would have it,  he was coming in the next day to visit friends and family and promised he’d at least stop by and have a look to see if he could help.


Well, Nick CAME ,  and he COULD,  and he DID…. fix the bloody thing and even retrieved information and pictures I had long ago forgotten about.


Nick’s price was reasonable, his knowledge impressive, and his attitude and service priceless!


And, though I wish he lived and worked closer to (my) home…… I cannot help but envy Nick’s clientele in Ames Iowa for the great technical computer resource they have in this particular Hometown Techie.


Thanks, Nick


* (there are none  ;-( )

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